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My passion is empowering you to make long lasting changes to your self-care, health & wellness. Building a support system for wellness that encourages and holds you accountable while building up confidence and energy is critical for this lifelong journey.


My goal is helping you make lasting changes in your health and lifestyle.  

Why not let me come alongside and coach you through rediscovering the person you truly are; the person who may have gotten lost in the sea of work and family life.

Book a free 30-minute consultation or scroll down to review services.

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Health Coaching Sessions


Potential clients will receive a free 30-minute consultation via zoom or phone. 

What you can expect:

  • A comprehensive review of your health history, current diet and dietary history

  • Ongoing and consistent support, motivation and accountability

  • You will learn how to eat healthily while traveling and eating in restaurants

  • We will develop a game plan of how to deal with sabotages (including yourself)

  • You will learn how to eat for your individual biochemistry

  • As your Health Coach, I will be available to answer your questions and concerns as they arise​.

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Outline of Mountains
Trapped Emotion Release (TER)

Trapped Emotion Release is a form of coaching where we work together to discover, remove, and then replace the trapped emotion with truth. 

The God who created you desires you to be free and live a life of health and wellness. He created you unbroken, sovereign, and with so much love for you that its time for you to walk in that! 

It is time for you to shed the darkness and walk in the light He put inside of you and then reflect that light onto others. 

Let's get this going, click the button above to book a consult.
Outline of Mountains

Energy Work

Our scanner combines bioimpedance, pressure sensor, temperature, and Bluetooth technologies to generate personalized wellness evaluations. 

During the scan, small electrical currents through the skin measure the body's resistance. These unique frequencies are  sent to the body through the scanner. Each supplement has a natural energy frequency, which is easily recognized by the body. The passing of frequencies then induces a measurable response from the body.  

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