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Boundless Movement

Boundless Movement

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Discovering Boundless Movement

Boundless Movement Classes ~ Take Action Now

Yoga offers a deeper understanding of your own body, letting you actually feel what it means to be a spiritual being having a human experience. It's an excellent opportunity to disconnect from the hectic activity of daily life and connect with yourself again. This practice lends itself to a time of gratefulness, giving you the freedom to move, pray and reconnect.

Pilates improves your posture, strengthens your core and corrects muscle imbalances, creating a strong foundation for movement. A balanced, more fulfilling life is within reach for everybody. Bringing these two methods together offers an excellent form of exercise for all bodies.


My classes offer you the ability to obtain functional movement no matter your skill level. I utilize different props to help make your practice more accessible as well as different modifications to help you achieve your goals.

No matter what level you’re at I offer one-on-one sessions as well as private group sessions. For all new clients I offer a special intro price pack for your first three private lessons. Package of 3 (Intro) $180 

When it comes to fitness, it’s not about how much you can lift, how high
you can jump, or how low you can squat. It’s about how well you can move!
In order to create a workout tailored to your needs, it’s important to
understand how your body moves as well as its movement limitations. If you
want a
FREE personalized assessment to kick off your workout plan, let’s chat!


Please note that private session no-shows or cancellations less than 24 hours before the session may be charged up to 50% of the session fee. 

50 MINUTES -$75   Package of 3 (10% off) $202.

                                                  Why I started to practice: 

                                                  Yoga was introduced to me in 2005, by a friend, while our children                                                            were participating in a Junior Arts/dance program at church. Upon                                                          starting out, every move was challenging since I had only participated                                                      in aerobics, spinning, running and weight lifting - nothing that                                                                    stretched my body. I kept hearing "keep practicing, this is what I gave                                                      you to heal your back; I eventually ventured out to a studio after                                                              practicing at home for years because a good Christian wouldn't                                                                participate in such activities. 


Then everything changed in 2016 when our son went through Guillain Barré Syndrome - spending 45 days in an ICU, then a month and a half in rehabilitation - which led us to Shepherds Center. The center hosts a gentle seated yoga class for either patients or their family. I jumped at the chance to learn more so I could help my son recover. 


Participating in the classes moved me so much I knew I could no longer keep the freedom of this movement to myself. With a passion to help others listen to their body while keeping a fluid breath, hearing from Father on issues in your body and no matter what challenges come your way, I wasted no time obtaining a 200-hour yoga teacher training to honor the Father telling me to not keep this just for myself anymore. 

Now as a Pilates instructor at Club Pilates I am continuing my passion of helping people move in the best way they can for their ability, always encouraging increase strength, flexibility, and over all functional movement. At Club Pilates we offer low-impact, full-body Reformer Pilates-based workouts with a variety of classes that challenge your mind as well as your body.  


I encourage students, whether they’re learning about boundless movement or essential oils, to listen, breathe and ask questions. Also, to remember that every time they’re on the mat it's an individual practice. Through listening to one’s body, work within personal limits and extend grace. Through maintaining fluid breath and asking questions, students become stronger each practice.


Private Sessions

If you're not comfortable going to a studio why not engage in the benefits of boundless movement right in your own home?


Private sessions offer:  

  • A physical assessment

  • Develop a session to maximize the benefits of your practice. 

  • 50-minute class

  • Bring your mind back inside your temple to connect and engage 

  • Target your tight areas, and release the nervous system to be its best self 

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