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What is Aroma Therapy?

Since time began, aromatic plants have been used in various ways to perfume and to heal. Today the practice of aromatherapy incorporates the use of essential oils, hydrosols, and carrier oils for holistic healing. Aromatic oils and water are used for their therapeutic properties to heal the mind, body and spirit, returning the body to a state of equilibrium.


Aromatherapy is described as both an art and a science because it takes the knowledge of the scientific aspects of the plants and oils and combines it with the art of producing a beneficial blend. Basically, a successful aromatherapy blend is a synergy of science, art, and the practitioner’s knowledge of both, and how to apply it. Aromatherapy can be used topically and via inhalation. 


What does an Aroma Therapist do?

Aromatherapists provide holistic medicinal treatments to patients through the topical application or inhalation of natural oils. Aromatherapists use essential oils or hydrosols to perform detoxification, massage, and relaxation techniques on clients.


In order to carry out the duties of an aromatherapist, practitioners should be able to distinguish between different types of essential oils and know how they affect the body. This requires knowledge of the history and safety of natural oils. Other essential knowledge includes knowing the healing properties of certain oils and common therapeutic applications.

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