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What is Vocal Profiling?

Vocal Profiling identifies the stressed

frequencies of the voice, Sonostats™,

which in turn can be used as a tool to

identify and interpret the dynamic,

complicated frequency interactions within

the body. The technique has provided

insight into the possibility that the frequencies contained in the vocal patterns present a holographic representation of the human body.


Vocal Profiling sound assessment can most aptly be described as a combination of music therapy, fractal mathematics and biofeedback. It is related to music inasmuch as specific combinations of sounds are used; but not necessarily sounds that would be considered musical. Biofeedback comes into play when specifically constructed numeric protocols of low-frequency sounds are presented to elicit specific biological and emotional responses.


The principles of sound based therapies originate with the concept that the brain perceives and generates impulse patterns that can be measured as brain-wave frequencies which, in turn, are delivered to the body by way of nerve pathways. The theory incorporates the assumption that these frequency impulses serve as directives that sustain structural integrity and emotional equilibrium. When these patterns are disrupted, the body seeks to reveal the imbalance by manifesting symptoms that could be interpreted as symptoms of disease and stress.


Tapping into these self-healing biological pathways from brain to neuron cell has long been a goal of scientific medical investigations as an approach to provide and promote optimal health. If such an operative prescription for maintenance and renewal could be assessed, it would permit dominion over the innate processes of the body that are mandatory for rejuvenation; nutritional and structural requirements, appropriate detoxification systems and potentially, perpetual regeneration. If, in addition, that system could predict how the body would react based on genomic, environmental and internal stimuli, it would be an incredible advancement in the world of medicine. Human BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling and Sound Presentation is such a dual system.


Sound Health Research Institute, located in Albany, Ohio was created by Sharry Edwards to study this BioAcoustic theory. Over 30 years of research has created what is now recognized as a real Alternative Health Care option to the current, ever-failing health care system. Based on the fact that each person has a Signature Sound, Human BioAcoustics uses the voice to identify the structural, biochemical, and genetic frequencies that have the potential to support normal form and function.

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