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When things roll around in my head

If you are like me, praying can be challenging with all the things rolling around in my head.

That's why I am sharing this conference, because you are not alone!

On March 26th @ 11AM some phenomenal speakers have gathered together to walk you through your prayer challenges and help you take that part of your life to the next level.

Can't make it live? No problem! We have you covered. You can get the teachings in a package or watch live.

Life has so many fun things to do that we get distracted, entangled with busy-ness, and then find ourselves criticizing that we should or shouldn't do what ever. I know I am looking forward to a little down time where I can pick up a few tips to help my insanity and hope you'll join me.

I plan on cranking up my diffuser with the delightful blend of Frankincense and Sandalwood as well as having my journal right beside me so when I hear an Idea I can implement into my life, I'll jot it down so I can remember it.

Don't forget to register here: She Prays

See ya there,

Debbie Franek



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