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Energy medicine is not a purely esoteric subject as many believe.

Your body has an electromagnetic field and communicates via energy – ALL the time.

It’s commonly known that the heart has a VERY strong electromagnetic field.

And our nervous system itself is an energy framework, right?

These are simply unquestioned scientific understandings about the electric nature of the human body.

Frequency healing is much larger than this, however.

It’s NOT magic – but it IS science. We are made of innumerable energy fields that shape our lives and influence our health.

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The 2023 re-release of The Body Electric Summit 2.0 includes brand-new in-depth interviews and explorations into quantum orthophotonic medicine, liquid crystal communication, plant stem cells, intentional energy, advanced hydration and more!

You’ll discover how the most respected leaders in holistic medicine are utilizing the newest energy medicine therapies, including:

  • EZ (exclusion zone) water

  • Deuterium depleted water

  • Photodynamic therapy

  • Frequency specific microcurrent