Back To School Guide to Starting the New Year

August 4, 2017


Are you stressing out about going back to school? Here's some simple ways to maintain the sanity while preparing for the first day to arrive.


1. Start a positive bedtime routine. The sooner you start your kids on an earlier sleep schedule makes a world of difference. To help make this transition time easier consider bath time with a little lavender essential oil added to the bath for some calming aroma therapy. We love to have a rollerball on hand with a blend of balance, serenity and vetiver on hand to swipe the bottom of the feet to help anyone sleep like a baby.


2. Check the wardrobe inventory. Do the kids have all socks and underwear they need? Are their uniforms ready or their first week of clothes cleaned and ready to jump into? How about their sport clothes?  How about having enough On Guard Laundry detergent on hand to keep those clothes sparkling clean? 

I also like to have a rollerball on hand with lemon essential oil in some witch hazel for the kids to have in their backpack to apply to stains right away. 


3. Stock the fridge and cabinets with lunch and snack items to please their taste buds. Even having a few meals planned and ingredients purchased will make the first week a breeze. Our home loves fruit with a yogurt dip flavored with either wild orange, lemon, or even cinnamon essential oil and really each kid could make their own flavor up when they want a snack. 


4. Prepare each room with disinfecting items such as diffusers, sprays and foaming hand wash. Germs are usually on the rise when kids head back to school for both young ones and adults. Be sure to have plenty of our On Guard concentrate cleaner and some essential oils to combat the little pests. 


I don't think there's a better way to be prepared than this. This little kit can help you and the kids keep calm, deal with seasonal issues, keep up the busy pace and help keep the germs away the new school year brings.


5. Practice a school run with the little ones and have conversations with the older ones about their concerns or fears with the start of the new year. Tell them stories of how you felt starting the new year and offer ways to help reduce the stress they may feel. 


I hope these tips are helpful as you and your little you's, no matter what age they are, to have the best school year yet. 







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