Know Your Oils

February 11, 2017

I have personally used essential oils for years,

experiencing hundreds of oils and blends, each

one bringing a new experience every time. I love

the peace of mind they give me and my family allowing us to make better choices for our health. 

I use oils for emotional balance such as reducing stress and increasing my focus, keeping my skin youthful, soothing my muscles, purifying my body, and to support my immune system. I also use an oil based product to clean my house, my pet laundry and the buckets at the barn.  

Do you know the benefits of your essential oils that empower you with a total wellness approach to caring for dozens of complaints? Learn how to you can activate your own home remedy through a personal or group online class. In this class you will learn how to harness essential oil application and methods to empower you to become more confident a healer for your family. You'll become confident in your emotional, physical, and spiritual well being. Let's get started. 

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