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Love Awakened

The Song of Solomon is a beautiful portrayal of the love shared between a man and his bride, as they yearn for each other's love and affection. It is a representation of the pure, eager, and passionate love that is a gift from God coming from deep within him and her, and leads to a loving covenant relationship within a marriage and intended for the whole nature of man and woman. Preparing the home environment is an important aspect of creating intimacy. It is recommended to ensure that the home is free of clutter, dust, and anything that may cause stress or anxiety. Adorning the marriage bed with clean scented linens is always a hit. Aromatherapy can also be used to set the mood for a beautiful and romantic evening. The exotic scent of patchouli and ylang ylang running through our diffuser starts my thinking about all the ways I love my man. His gentle touch, kind word, his focus on taking care of our family and of course I think he’s the hottest man alive!

Perfuming the marriage bed is an ancient custom that can help prepare the bedchamber with an enticing aroma for sensual pleasure. This aroma often dispels feelings of anxiousness, exhaustion and stress enabling couples to relax while stimulating emotions that awaken their intimate feeling for each other. The euphoric effects of Aromatherapy have been used for centuries to enhance intimacy both aromatically and topically. Essential oils such as sandalwood, patchouli, ylang ylang, myrrh, and rose are just a few of my favorites to prepare for a beautiful night of romance and intimacy.

Sensual Sheets

10 drops sandalwood essential oil

10 drops bergamot essential oil

3 drops ginger essential oil

3 drops lime essential oil

2 drops ylang ylang essential oil

Add essential oils to a spray bottle and fill with water. Spray on sheets for a romantic evening.

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Other ideas for creating the intimacy you desire to awaken the love that brought you and your soul mate together are discovering what essential aromas turn your intimacy meter on. Are you both exhausted from a long day of work, taking care of the kids, or honestly from days of just not being able to share the intimacy you desire! Smelling different scents and seeing what ‘turns’ each other on is a way of creating intimacy. Combining your favorites with fractionated coconut oil into a massage oil will not only end up creating your personalized blend but also memories that will be triggered upon smelling one of those scents again.

Scent~sual Massage Oil

¼ cup fractionated coconut oil

2 drops patchouli essential oil

1 drop cinnamon essential oil

1 drop lemongrass essential oil

1 drop peppermint essential oil

Mix oils together and massage on skin to increase connection.

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With a start like this you can discover more ways to Awaken Love in your home.

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