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Eating Seasonally, Oh My!

There are a number of reasons to eat your fruits and vegetables according to the season at hand.

The first of course is to support our local community by keeping your hard earned dollar local, helping your community who also work hard just like you. The money you spend in your own community by going to your local farmer not only helps them but it keeps your community prospering. Everyone benefits from your local restaurant and grocery store to those who work the fields to keep your plate full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Another reason to purchase your fruits and vegetables according to the season is because studies show they contain more nutrients when they're allowed to ripen naturally on their parent plant. When you buy local you are buying something at its peak nutritional value. That means it's not only better for you, but it costs the farmers and the people getting it to you a lot less. To me this is a win win!

I'm not going to even go into all the cons of bringing crops that are out of season to your local area because let's just say it costs a fortune and is extremely hard on our environment.

You can use this handy seasonal food guide to find out what is in season right now in your state. Then, you may even want to sign up at a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), or shop a local farmers market or co-op!

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