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Complimentary eBook on glymphatic detoxification & support

Just like our daily hygiene practices to keep our bodies healthy, our brains need the same TLC!

Learn about the best practices and strategies to support and protect your first line of defense against neurological degeneration, disease and injury.

—>>Download your complimentary eGuide, Glymphatic Detoxification for Brain Energy!

Your glymphatic system is an important waste clearance system for your body.

The brain uses this system to drain the toxins away while we sleep.

Each night, during deep sleep, the brain shrinks and gets washed with cerebrospinal fluid, and this waste is carried through the glymphatic system and gets moved into the peripheral lymph.

While this is happening, the system is also bringing nutrients to neurons and removing toxicity out of the brain.

This system is how our bodies keep neurological degeneration and disease at bay, and is one of the most underappreciated but vital systems in our bodies.

In this comprehensive eGuide, you’ll discover:

  • 3 ways to start supporting your glymphatic system today

  • Essential information on GABA & brain hygiene

  • Conditions associated with low GABA levels

  • Ways to get more GABA into your system

  • Tips on how to improve your sleep posture

  • 10 ways to get deeper sleep & promote detox