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3 Ingredient Fabric Softener

If you have been following me for a while now you know I love all things natural and that I like DIY stuff.

Well, this DIY is super easy because there's just 3 ingredients, 4 if you add your own favorite essentials for your signature smell.

All you need is:

2 cups of dōTERRA smoothing conditioner

3 cups vinegar

6 cups warm water

(I like to half this recipe and add different essential oils such as lavender for my sheets or eucalyptus, lime and tangerine for my towels which smells like the ocean.)

Mix all the ingredients together and bam, it's ready to go.

You can use a pitcher to mix them all together and then just pour it into an empty container.

TO USE: Add 1/2 cup to 1 cup of the fabric softener to each load of laundry depending on the size.

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