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Labor is Imminent

I have been patiently waiting for the birth of my dear granddaughter. She is taking her time entering this world and there's times I really can't blame her. I have been praying for her safe delivery and for my daughter to ease into and through labor more and more with her being past her "guess date".

We talked this afternoon while we were spending time with them for lunch and then again on the phone this evening about some acupressure points she may be able to have a "bottle tip" of essential oil applied to hoping to help with the labor response. While researching which essential oils to use I kept coming across the ones in this recipe. The scent smells delicious and I will have to let you know how it works another day. Hopefully in the next day or two.

It is also going to be a full moon tonight which may just be in little Selah's favor to be born. If you try this blend please send me a message on how you like it and how it works for you.

Labor oil

10 drops of Clary Sage oil 10 drops of lavender 4 drops of fennel 4 drops of Ylang Ylang 50 ml of either Grape seed oil, Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil or Jojoba oil This blend can be massaged on the palm and the feet of the woman in labor. It releases muscle tension and thereby provides the necessary calm and comfort to the mother. It also helps in muscle dilation, required for the baby to come out.


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