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One of my favorite things about doTERRA's Lifelong Vitality Supplements, is that since they are all natural my body knows exactly how to process and distribute the nutrients. Because of this they are completely safe (and actually recommended) to continue taking during pregnancy. Pre-pregnancy I was taking a half dose of the LLV, but am now taking a full dose to make sure I have the right amount of nutrients in my prenatal vitamins.

​​One of my biggest concerns when I was considering a prenatal supplement, is the amount of folic acid in them. I learned that when it is found in synthetic supplements, it needs to be converted to 5-methyltetrahydrofolate. Our bodies have a 400mcg limit to how much folic acid it can metabolize, so if we take more than that it will simply float around in our bodies unused. Since your body can naturally metabolize 100% of the amount of folic acid in LLV, it has the perfect amount (as long as you're eating a well balanced diet).

All of the ingredients in Microplex MVp and xEO Mega have a history of safe use in pregnant and lactating women. Alpha CRS is a cellular complex that has benefits from 18 different plants and one of the ingredients is pineapple extract called Bromelain Protease enzyme. This is a natural pain reliever and helps to soothe many discomforts during pregnancy.

For digestive support during pregnancy, I've been taking DigestZen TerraZyme complex. I can take up to 4 capsules per day: 1 upon waking, 1 at bedtime, and 1-2 with every meal. For me, I've found 1 with breakfast and lunch is a good routine. This digestive complex helps my body to break down the foods in my stomach so my body can most efficiently utilize the nutrients. When taken on an empty stomach, enzymes actually help to rebuild and support connective tissue as well!

One may even experience less symptoms of heartburn and indigestion when taking enzymes!

Taking a probiotic during pregnancy is also important to help assist my body’s immune system and make sure I have lots of good flora. Taking 3 capsules of doTERRA PB Assist+ capsules a day for the first 5 days of the month, then 1 daily the rest of the month is perfect because it will also transfer to your baby through helping to produce good flora in colostrum and the baby’s vitamin K when first born.

I like the support Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend gives me to regulate my blood sugar so I don't get too many sugary cravings. I can take 3-5 drops, 3-5 times a day by making capsules to take internally, or add a drop to my water to drink. doTERRA also offers gel caps as an alternative to make own capsules (take 3-5 gel caps a day). Did I say this oil blend also helps with sugar cravings?!

For liver support, I can put 3-5 drops Zendocrine (Detoxification blend) in a capsule to take internally, apply it topically on the liver area, or take 1-2 gel caps a day. This will help protect my liver and help open up the liver ducts so it can do its job more effectively. I've found taking 1 gel cap with breakfast and lunch works well for my routine!

Below is a summary of what I've found works for me in my daily prenatal routine using doTERRA's natural supplements. One thing I'm excited about is that this is something that I can continue after our baby is born to have consistent nutrient support!

Lifelong Vitality Supplements:

- 2 capsules each of Microplex MVp, xEO Mega, and Alpha CRS with breakfast and lunch

DigestZen TerraZyme complex:

- 1 with breakfast and lunch

PB Assist+:

- 1 with breakfast and lunch

Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend:

- 1 gel cap with breakfast and lunch

Zendocrine (Detoxification blend):

- 1 gel cap with breakfast and lunch

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