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Do you love your teeth?

Your teeth do a lot for you. They are your

first impression to the world. They send a

message of happiness when you smile.

They are the tools, along with your gums,

used for nourishing your body with healthy

food. They can also be an indication of your

over all health. Caring for them properly is

something you can do to keep that sweet smile.

Here's some tools to care for them and a way to show your teeth some love every day. we've all heard it's necessary to brush our teeth, twice a day is best, but when and why?

Of course, upon waking up in the morning,

it is essential so we don't make those we talk to

pass out with sleepy breath. Another recommended time is at bedtime because allowing foods to sit in our mouth for extended periods of time will create a serious threat to teeth and gums. We love essential oils such as Melaleuca to promote cleanliness and cinnamon or peppermint to promote clean fresh breath. Using a toothpaste such as OnGuard Natural Whitening that is designed to neutralize low pH and freshen breath will boost your over all mouth health.

Another love/hate way to care for your teeth is the dreaded flossing. Yes, you knew it was coming right! Well why not floss your teeth in a new way by soaking your floss in a small cup with warm salt water and peppermint, then rinse with the mixture for increased freshness. I love how this leaves my mouth feeling plus it makes for a better experience.

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