Business yoga

Healthy employees, both physically and mentally, deliver the best performance! 

Unfortunately, employees in business, healthcare, education and other workplaces often face stress, burnout, and/or other stress related complaints.

Sitting hours behind a desk or computer can also cause various common complaints such as: tired eyes, back, neck and shoulder complaints, lack of focus, etc.

Numerous studies have shown that Yoga can play an important role in the prevention and treatment of these stress related complaints!


Do you want to invest in the health of your employees and the quality of the work delivered? Are you prepared to create a healthy working condition in order to save costs  long term due to sickness absence?

Business yoga is the perfect choice!

  • The exercises are practical and practicable for everyone.

  • Business yoga can be given both on location.

  • I provide lessons for both large and small groups, teams, departments and partners.

  • The workshop or lessons can be given on a real mat with sportswear but also behind the desk, in a suit where the lesson/workshop is done sitting and on a chair. 

Both are possible!

Do you want more information about company yoga? Leave your details here and I will call you back to make an appointment!
Debbie Franek - Alternative Health
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