In 1992, just 5 years after being married, we were expecting our first of 3 babies. Like every parent, we wanted the best for our children. To us this included their health. We had listened to family members tell their stories which included some not so good things like diabetes, cancer, over weight issues, and more. This quickly prompted me to begin researching natural health and being encouraged by many different friends along the way, we both made slow but valuable lifestyle changes. These changes included milling their own wheat, purchasing raw dairy for our own consumption, stopping all vaccinations for our kids and using natural solutions for our health care. 

Soon friends began asking what we were doing and why, thus beginning a lifestyle of health coaching as well as our own use of other modalities such as aromatherapy, essential oils, herbology, kinesiology, reiki, nutrition and chiropractic means to stay well.

I knew I was called to teaching and taking care of our family which also included homeschooling our kids, encouraging them to graduate with their associates degree. Since I've been an avid student of holistic health for over twenty years and upon our oldest daughter's graduation in 2012 she encouraged me to become a birth doula. We also began sharing the benefits and support essential oils offer, blessing 1000's along the way as well. Today we educate and support a large team of like-minded natural health seekers. 

An unexpected illness our son went through, Guillain Barré Syndrome, is what urges us on to share the life changing gift of essential oils with the world. We utilized the support essential oils and nutritional products provided to help our son beat this auto immune syndrome and be restored back to health in the highest percentile of people who recover the quickest that have also suffered. You can find the story on YouTube @ Andrew's Story: Guillain-Barré Syndrome   To know more of what we used, send us a message, we'll be glad to share.

After practicing yoga for 15 plus years, this event led me to take the plunge and become an instructor. This urge came from the Father due to my faith in what I had come to know was so much bigger than I even thought. I value faith, family and fitness which include many exercise modalities. 

Andy and I have gone from a family of 5 to a family of 14 with the birth of 6 grands born within 3 years.  We enjoy traveling, spending time with our ever growing family, playing with the grands, hiking, leisure bike rides and watching the sunset.

We would love for you to join us on our journey. Whether your looking to just use the oils or build a business, we will help, guide, and educate you on how to use oils. If your looking to build we will also help, guide, and educate you on how build the business you desire.

Debbie Franek - Alternative Health
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